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Assessing climate change impacts and adaptation on marine ecosystems

TitreAssessing climate change impacts and adaptation on marine ecosystems
Type de publicationReport
Année de publication2007
Auteursof environment Lebanon M
Mots-clésadaptation, changement climatique, climate, climate change, eastern Mediterranean, ecosystem, écosystème, impact, Lebanon, Liban, Mediterranean sea, Méditerranée orientale, Mer Méditerranée, sea level rise, temperature, vulnérabilité, vulnerability

The goals of this work are:- An assessment of the vulnerabilities of Lebanese marine ecosystems to the impacts of climate change mainly to sea-level rise and water temperature increasing.- An evaluation of options to adapt of these potential impacts.- Develop data and information that can be used at the national, regional and global level by decision makers or scientific community.- This is also a part of an International assessment meeting government's obligations under article 3 of the UNFCC to reduce vulnerability to climate change.- Species composition changes- Community structure changes- Assessment of the implications of accelerated sea level rise in order to anticipate the need for action. Identification of the types of problems that that Lebanon has to face- How to adapt to these incremental future changes.- Provide a base for a more global assessment of the vulnerability of coastal regions .

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