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09/20: Disaster risk reduction and climate change in the Maghreb


SPA/RAC participated in the online workshop of the NGO Africa 21 on "Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change in the Maghreb" for journalists from the Maghreb.

The contribution, provided by Souha El Asmi, SPA/RAC Programme Officer, on 22 September 2020, focused on the Role of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in adapting to climate change.

In a global context where it is increasingly urgent to take action to curb the erosion of biodiversity, developing the MPA network appears to be a solution and a priority. MPAs are indeed places where ecosystems are more likely than others to be resilient to changes and natural disaster. Accelerating the establishment of a coherent and resilient network of MPAs would help to ensure the long-term maintenance of the services provided by nature for the benefit of people.

To find out more about the event and view the resources shared with participants on this issue, please visit the event page (in French).

Download here the presentation on the "Role of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in adapting to climate change".