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Mediterranean Initiative on Taxonomy

The Mediterranean Initiative on Taxonomy was elaborated by RAC/SPA in collaboration with an ad hoc group of experts that met in Tunis from April the 3rd to the 5th, 2003.

During their 13 rd Ordinary Meeting, the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention have taken note of this initiative and invited the Mediterranean countries to promote its implementation.

  • Ensuring that the actions required at regional level to attain the objectives of the present Initiative are put into effect.
  • Helping, as far as its means allow, the Contracting Parties to implement the actions required at national level to attain the objectives of the present Initiative.
  • Assessing how far the Initiative has progressed, and preparing a report.
  • Informing the National Focal Points for ASPs at each of their Meetings about the progress made in implementing the present Initiative.
  • Collaborating with the concerned organisations and working so that the Mediterranean region participates in the pertinent international and/or regional initiatives.

In this context, international and/or non-governmental organisations, laboratories and any concerned organisation or body are invited to join in the work of implementing the present Initiative.