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12/19: Workshop on the definition of a roadmap for the conservation of the Monk seal in low-density countries

Moachus @ Artescienza

Experts and donors gathered at a brainstorming workshop organized on the side-lines of the World Marine Mammals Conference to define a set of actions to protect the monk seal in the southern and eastern Mediterranean countries, where the density of monk seal populations is low

SPA/RAC and the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) organized a joint workshop titled 'Definition of a roadmap for the implementation of the Regional Strategy for the Monk seal in low density countries' on the 7th December 2019, during the World Marine Mammals Conference (WMMC) held in Barcelona (Spain).

In collaboration with representatives of the Monk Seal Alliance and experts from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon and Tunisia, the outlines of the roadmap have been elaborated based on the following reported and updated data:

  • Monk seal sightings and observations,
  • New identified areas that can be suitable habitat for the Monk seal,
  • Main stakeholders identified who can be involved in different activities related to conservation of monk seal and provide assistance in the implementation of a national monitoring programme related to Biodiversity (IMAP) / reporting programmes and awareness actions.

This joint workshop is part of the implementation of the Regional Strategy for the Mediterranean Monk seal, that has been updated and adopted by the Barcelona Convention COP 21, in December 2019 (Cf. Decision IG.24/7).