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11/19: Call for tender to elaborate a marine field survey in Patok-Rodoni Bay in Albania within the framework of the GEF Adriatic Project

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The SPA/RAC launches a call for tender to elaborate a marine field survey in Patok-Rodoni Bay in Albania related to Biodiversity (Habitat and species), NIS, Eutrophication, Hydrography, Contaminants and Marine litter. The deadline for receiving proposals is 17 December 2019.

This call for tender is open to firms having experience in mapping, characterization, and monitoring of marine key habitats and biodiversity in the Mediterranean, the use of technology such as the ROV, as well as the measures of physical and chemical marine parameters and the assessment of marine threats such as marine litter and contaminants. The aim is to collect IMAP data, analyses data and describe the study areas, assess its Good environmental Status and provide key elements to be taken into consideration for future MSP within these areas.

The study consists of a Field Survey (Biodiversity, Marine Habitat, Hydrography and Pollution) of Patok-Rodoni Bay in Albania.

Particularly, it consists of:

  • Collecting all available data on (Biodiversity, MPAs, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Touristic activity, Socioeconomic, hydrography, contaminants, marine litter, marine traffic, coastal agriculture and legal framework) related to one pilot area in Albania: Patok Rodoni Bay.
  • Implementing a field data collection (Biodiversity, Pollution, Hydrography) via a scientific vessel and a scientific team
  • Assessing the Ecological status of the study area
  • Providing reports and GIS maps related to the data collected within the present call for tender.
  • Providing on the Job Training
  • Providing a video report of the field survey
  • Providing high resolution underwater pictures and video

More information about the conditions and eligibility of the call can be found in the ToRs document available at the following link.

The deadline for submitting the full proposals is set to 17th December 2019 at 23:59 (Tunisia Time) at the following addresses: car-asp@spa-rac.org

Proposals received after this deadline will not be considered.

E-mails should have the following subject: “Call for tender/SPA-RAC/ GEF Adriatic/IMAP/Albania n°18/2019_SPA RAC”.

For any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Anis ZARROUK (anis.zarrouk@spa-rac.org) and Mr. Daniel CEBRIAN (daniel.cebrian@spa-rac.org) with Cc: car-asp@spa-rac.org.