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09/19: SCP/RAC calls for proposals for a communication specialist/consultant


This consultancy is aiming at supporting the implementation in Egypt of the Small Scale Funding Agreement (SSFA) signed between UN Environment/Global Programme of Action (UNEP/GPA) and SCP/RAC, an agreement to cooperate on activities related to marine litter prevention in Egypt. The project is entitled ‘Protecting the marine environment from land-based pollution through strengthened coordination of global action’. 

SCP/RAC is conducting a series of activities including the management of 2 challenges aimed at finding and fostering use affordable and convenient alternatives to single-use plastic bags while providing economic impact to disadvantaged groups as well as promoting their daily, long-term use. 

The call is addressed to a communications agency, specialist or consultant who can disseminate and promote the development and achievements of 2 challenges aimed at finding and fostering the use of affordable and convenient alternatives to single-use plastic bags. The objective will be to implement a transversal communication campaign including the organization of a public event, development of audiovisual content, a dissemination plan and is open to proposals on further communication materials.

The Terms of Reference are available here.

Interested applicants are invited to submit their bid by 6th of September midnight (CET) following the instructions detailed in the terms of reference.