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06/16: Pelagos Agreement - two calls for candidatures

Pelagos recruitment

The calls will be open from June 13th 2016 to July 3rd 2016 included

The Pelagos Agreement, creating the Sanctuary for Mediterranean Marine Mammals, was signed by France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco in 1999. The agreement seeks to enable the three countries to create jointly coordinated initiatives to protect cetaceans and their habitats from all sources of disturbance.

  • The Executive Secretary is responsible of the Permanent Secretariat management including the administration of the budget. The Executive Secretary should also report on the activities of the Permanent Secretariat to the Meeting of Parties.

The calls for candidatures for the Executive Secretary position is available in French and Italian.

  • The Executive Secretary Assistant acts under the control of the Executive Secretary. He guarantees to the Executive Secretary and to the Parties a professional level of services as mandated by Parties meeting.

The calls for candidatures for the Executive Secretary Assistant position is also available in both languages: French and Italian.

Applications should be sent to the Parties to the Pelagos Agreement before 3 July 2016 by email to the Permanent Secretariat at the following address: secretariat@pelagos-sanctuary.org who must acknowledge receipt of the application.

For more information on the Pelagos Agreement, consult the website: www.pelagos-sanctuary.org

Photo: Atauro Island, Timor-Leste ©UN Photo/Martine Perret