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Fishery regimes in Atlanto-Mediterranean European Marine protected Areas

TitreFishery regimes in Atlanto-Mediterranean European Marine protected Areas
Type de publicationReport
Année de publication2006
AuteursVandeperre F, Pérez-Ruzafa A, Santos R-S, Higgins R
Mots-clésBouches de Bonifacio, Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas, Castellamare, Columbretes, conservation, Côte Bleue, database, eastern Mediterranean, fishery, fishery impact, France, indicator, Italy, Malta, management, marine protected area, Medes, Mediterranean sea, population, protected area, protection, protection measure, research, review, San Antonio, scale, Sicilia, Sierra Gelada & Benidorm islets, Sinis - Mal di Ventre, Spain, Tabarca, Ustica, western Mediterranean

The work packtage 2 of EMPAFISH is devoted to evaluate and provide useful fishery related steady stat variables as indicators of MPAs fishery effects, to analyse MPAs management regime on population parameters of the exploited resources and key non-commercial species, to analyse MPAs effects at variying temporal ans spatial scales and to study the effects of MPAs on the geographic dispersion of fishing effort and fleet operational regimes.The booklet reviews the characteristics of the case studies included in the project from the point of view of their fishing activites and fleets as a straring point to look for answers to such important questions.