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Standard Data-Entry form (SDF) for national inventories of natural sites of conservation interest

TitreStandard Data-Entry form (SDF) for national inventories of natural sites of conservation interest
Type de publicationBook
Année de publication2002
Mots-clésconservation, convention, FSD, habitat, inventory, management, Natura 2000, natural site, protection, SDF

The present Standard Data-Entry Form (SDF) is conceived as an operational tool made available to the relevant national authorities for the implementation of this provision. It is designed to cover the fields of information detailed in the Appendix to the Criteria, and the specific criteria for the assessment of the importance of the site for habitats and species (Art. 4, 5 and 6 of the Criteria). From a technical point of view, this FSD is an adaptation to the specificity of the Mediterranean of the SDFs developed within the NATURA 2000 and EMERALD networks of sites, in the process of being established within the European Union (Council Directives 79/409/EEC and 92/43/EEC) and the Council of Europe (Resolution No. 3 (1996) of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention) respectively. This is made with the main objective of ensuring the fullest compatibility possible and thus facilitate the flow of data and information with the database systems established under those initiatives.In conformity with the general objectives of the inventories, the present Form is conceived with the main objectives of :- assisting decision making concerning the management and, where appropriate, the protection of the described sites;- providing a tool for the long-term monitoring of the sites.The form is being designed with a view to paper records and computerised entry and transfer of data.

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