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Ecological effects of Atlanto-Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in the European Union

TitreEcological effects of Atlanto-Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in the European Union
Type de publicationReport
Année de publication2006
AuteursPlanes S, Pérez-Ruzafa A, Garcia-Charton J-A, Higgins R, Smith P, Vandeperre F, Marcos C, Mangi S
Mots-clésAdriatic Sea, Bouches de Bonifacio, Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas, Castellamare, Cerbère-Banyuls, Columbretes, conservation, Côte Bleue, database, eastern Mediterranean, ecological indicator, France, impact, island, Italy, Ligurian Sea, Malta, marine protected area, Medes, Mediterranean sea, protected area, protection, protection measure, Rdum Majjiesa and Ras ir-Raheb, research, review, San Antonio, Sicilia, Sierra Gelada & Benidorm islets, Sinis - Mal di Ventre, Spain, Tabarca, Toscan, Ustica, western Mediterranean

The general objective of EMPAFISH Work Package 1 (WP1: "Ecological effects of Marine Protected Areas") is to identify and quantify ecological effects of MPAs and to organise the findings in a database for subsequent global metaanalysis and modelling. This booklet constitutes deliverable no. 3 of the EMPAFISH project, under WP1. The present document begins with a brief review of the ecological processes important for conservation and what are, generally speaking, the expected ecological effects of MPAs. The core of the document is devoted to descriptions of the research done to date at each EMPAFISH case study site to document and understand the ecological effects of protection measures. The bibliography gives an updated list of articles/references on all ecological studies at the 20 case study sites included in the EMPAFISH project..

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