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Experts Meeting: Climate Change impacts in the Mediterranean MPAs

Sea surface temperature of the Mediterranean region

 Climate Change impacts on Marine Biodiversity

22-23 November 2011, Sant Julian, Malta.

The first meeting was a support for collegial reflection involving RAC/SPA, MEDPAN North and IUCN with the support of representatives of countries or institutions involved in the conservation and responsible for climate change and its effects on ecosystems, habitats and species.

The discussions animating this meeting, in light of available information, led to the emergence of the importance to establish a mode of operation that may allow the exploitation of results at different levels: local, national, sub regional and Mediterranean.

These results are based on a set of indicators that should meet certain conditions which were established during this meeting. These discussions also helped shed light on the constraints to be considered when selecting indicators.

The various discussions that have animated the meeting allowed to disambiguate some  conventional wisdoms such as intimate and direct correlation between the presence and expansion of exotic species and the climate change, the synergistic negative effects of climate and constructions on the marine and coastal biodiversity.

Meeting report.