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Assistance to Contracting Parties

Within the framework of its assistance to the Mediterranean countries in the implementation of the Action Plan for the conservation of cetaceans, RAC/SPA has:

  • Prepared a National Action Plan for the Conservation of Cetaceans in Syria following a series of consultation meetings held with the concerned actors in Syrian coastal areas (March 2008); the NAP was  discussed and approved during a national workshop organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Syria on 28-29 September 2010.
  • Offered its financial and technical support to the University of Istanbul for the carrying-out of a sub-regional project and related oceanographic campaign for the estimation of cetacean population in the Eastern Mediterranean (Turkish, Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian coasts). The results of this study were presented during the 23rd Annual European Cetacean Society Conference (Istanbul, March 2009);
  • Provided its technical and financial support to the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency in order to prepare a National Action Plan for the Conservation of Cetaceans and to enhance national capacities on this issue;
  • Supported a field mission carried out in the North-Eastern Tunisian coast, (June-July) in order to study cetacean interaction with fisheries and evaluate various cetacean species populations present in the area. The study is leaded by the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte (Tunisia). Clic here to download the activity report.
  • Provided its support from 2005 to 2010 to the Ionian Dolphin Project, a long-term research and conservation programme conducted by the Tethys Research Institute in the coastal waters of Western Greece (kalamos area, Amvrakikos and Corinth golf), in order to ensure its continuation and to build upon existing knowledge to turn the available scientific information into management proposals, conservation action and increased appreciation of the natural heritage in this part of Greece.