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Cyprus water resources - Planning and climate change adaptation

TitleCyprus water resources - Planning and climate change adaptation
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTsiourtis NX
Journal Water, wetlands and climate change - Building linkages for their integrated management
Keywordsadaptation, changement climatique, Chypre, climate, climate change, Cyprus, impact, management, Méditerranée orientale, Mer Méditerranée, ressource en eau, water resource

Because of climate change and its immediate impact on the reduction of the natural water resources availability, the Government of Cyprus has set up a Drought Management Committee with the responsibility of implementing measures to mitigate the adverse effects from drought and also water scarcity problems. In parallel to this, realizing the need for additional water, the Government decided to introduce seawater desalination for augmenting the water availability and increasing the reliability of water supply from the existing Government Water Projects.