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Evaluating Effectiveness: A Framework for Assessing the Management of Protected Areas

TitleEvaluating Effectiveness: A Framework for Assessing the Management of Protected Areas
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHocking M, Dudley N, Stolton S
CityGland, Switzerland, and Cambridge, UK.
Keywordsassessment, benefit, comparison, effectiveness, guidelines, indicator, management, methodology, monitoring, partnership, protected area, scale, stakeholders, trend

The report proposes a framework for assessing management effectiveness. This is not presented as a straitjacket into which every assessment system should fall . We recognise the need for a variety of responses depending on needs and resources. The framework also includes suggested tools which can be used as the basis for developing an assessment methodology. We hope therefore that this report will lead to more effective management of protected areas by helping professionals and others who wish to assess management of protected areas to develop the most appropriate evaluation and monitoring system for their circumstances. It will also be easier for comparison between sites, sharing lessons learned and maximising the benefits of evaluations if there is some consistency in approach and adherence to some basic operational guidelines.Part A of the guidelines sets out the theoretical and methodological aspects of the suggested framework. While conceptually the system has potential universal application, it is intended for adaptation to a wide range of circumstances, from those in wealthy countries with access to sophisticated systems of recording and accounting, to those in much poorer countries where simpler approaches are necessary.Part B contains six case studies that demonstrate the practical application of a range of evaluative approaches in management of protected areas in Australia, the Congo Basin, and Central America and South America.

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