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04/24: Bringing the Mediterranean monk seal back home


SPA/RAC actively participated in a side-event on Mediterranean Monk Seal conservation during the 9th Our Ocean Conference in Athens.








Introduced by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the event, organized by the Monk Seal Alliance (MSA) and the Greek Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency (N.E.C.C.A.), aimed to explore holistic actions for the conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal.

As a key panelist, SPA/RAC seized this opportunity to share insights gained from the MSA-funded project "Med Monk Seal: Enhancing knowledge and awareness of monk seal conservation in the Mediterranean” which facilitates knowledge transfer and capacity-building in regions where monk seal presence appears to be increasing.

By conducting training sessions, sharing expertise, and providing scientific equipment, scientists from southern and eastern Mediterranean countries are being equipped to monitor the species and have begun engaging with local communities and fishers.

The project is a prime example of how private donors support international organizations in paving the way for species recovery by fostering anticipation and empowerment. This collaboration boosts regional conservation and scientific endeavors by enhancing data on monk seal presence regionally and prepares scientists to tackle future challenges as monk seal populations rebound.