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Cormon 2023

CORMON Biodiversity & Fisheries
Athens, Greece, 9-10 March 2023

Meeting Report
UNEP/MED WG.547/12

Report of the Meeting

Working Documents
UNEP/MED WG.547/1 Rev.1 Provisional agenda
UNEP/MED WG.547/2 Provisional annotated agenda
UNEP/MED WG.547/3 2023 MED QSR: Benthic Habitats (EO1) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/4 2023 MED QSR: Cetaceans (EO1) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/5 2023 MED QSR: Mediterranean Monk Seal (EO1) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/6 2023 MED QSR: Marine Turtles (EO1) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/7 2023 MED QSR: Marine Birds (EO1) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/8 2023 MED QSR: Non-indigenous Species (EO2) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/9 2023 MED QSR: Fisheries (EO3) Chapter
UNEP/MED WG.547/10 Development of the IMAP Ecological Objective 6 on sea-floor integrity under the Barcelona Convention
UNEP/MED WG.547/11 Monitoring and assessment elements for the IMAP common indicators (CI1 and CI2) on benthic habitats
Information documents
UNEP/MED WG.547/Inf.1 Provisional List of documents
UNEP/MED WG.547/Inf.3 Draft 2023 MED QSR annotated Table of Contents
UNEP/MED WG.547/Inf.4 Outcomes of the desk review of available data sources, best practices and methodologies in the Mediterranean for the monitoring and assessment of seafloor damage
Reference documents
UNEP/MED IG.24 COP 21 Decision IG.24/4: Assessment Studies
UNEP(DEPI)/MED IG.23 COP 20 Decision IG.23/6: 2017 Mediterranean Quality Status Report
UNEP(DEPI)/MED IG.22 COP 19 Decision IG.22/7: Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme of the Mediterranean Sea and Coast and Related Assessment Criteria

Report of the 9th Meeting of the Ecosystem Approach Coordination Group

UNEP/MED WG.514/12

Report of the 8th Meeting of the Ecosystem Approach Coordination Group

UNEP/MED WG.514/Inf.7

2023 Med QSR Ecological Objective - Common Indicator structure and outline template