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04/21: The Arabic version of the Booklet "The Science of Marine Protected Areas" is finally available!

©Sandrine Ruitton

Through well-documented examples from the Mediterranean, this publication, translated into Arabic by UNEP/MAP - SPA/RAC, shows how well-planned and managed marine protected areas can help regenerate marine ecosystems and provide considerable socio-economic benefits.


©Sandrine Ruitton



In close collaboration with the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO, USA - www.piscoweb.org) and the University Côte d’Azur (UCA, France – www.univ-cotedazur.fr), UNEP/MAP-SPA/RAC has led the edition of the Arabic version of the booklet: “The Science of Marine Protected Areas”.

This has been made possible thanks to the financial support of The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (www.fpa2.org) and the European Union through the IMAP-MPA and MedMPA Network projects.

The booklet summarizes the scientific evidence that shows effectively managed MPAs can recover marine resources, sustain fisheries, improve local livelihoods, and promote sustainable tourism.



The area covered by MPAs is increasing in the Mediterranean, but very few are managed effectively. Moreover, fully protected areas represent only 0.04% of the Mediterranean Sea. Through well-documented examples from the Mediterranean, this publication shows how the region could benefit from greater protection through MPAs.

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In well-managed MPAs, everyone wins ©Sandra Mallol-Cisco

It is worth noting that the Arabic edition of the booklet has been dedicated to both Patrice Francour and Boris Daniel, who have been members of Advisory Committee of the Mediterranean edition and had actively contributed to the efforts towards the conservation of the marine and coastal biodiversity in the Mediterranean.
Special thanks go to Mr. Mohammed Said Abdelwarith (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Arab Republic of Egypt) and Mr. Mohamed Salah Romdhane (National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INAT), Tunisia) who volunteered their time in revising the Arabic translation in close collaboration with Mr. Atef Limam and Ms. Asma Kheriji (SPA/RAC) and Ms. Emna Ben Lamine (Independent Expert in Marine Environmental Sciences, France).
Visit www.spa-rac.org for a downloadable PDF version of the Arabic report, and http://www.piscoweb.org/science-marine-protected-area-med for companion material, and information about PISCO.

To request printed copies of this report, contact atef.limam@spa-rac.org

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