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11/13: ACCOBAMS MOP5: RAC/SPA presented its progress report on the conservation of cetaceans


RAC/SPA, as a Coordinating Sub-regional Unit in the Mediterranean Sea, supported the organisation of the Fifth Meeting of the Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS).

During this meeting, RAC/SPA has presented the main activities implemented for the conservation of cetaceans from March 2011 to August 2013, related to the following themes:

I. Research and Conservation

  • Population Structure
  • By-catches and interaction with fisheries
  • MPAs creation and management in the Mediterranean and their role in the protection of Cetaceans.
  • Climate change
  • Ecosystem Approach

II. Communication, awareness and capacity building

  • National Action Plans for the conservation of cetaceans
  • Capacity building
  • Databases
  • Public awareness and communication tools

III. Meetings and projects