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7 New Specially Protected Areas included in the SPAMI list

SPAMIs in the Mediterranean

The protocol concerning Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean (SPA/DB) which entered into force in 1999 allowed the promotion of cooperation in the management and conservation of natural areas as well as in the protection of threatened species and their habitats through the establishment of a list of Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMIs).

During the 10th meeting of National Focal Points for Specially Protected Areas held in Marseilles on May 2011, and according to the procedure listed by the SPA/DB protocol, RAC/SPA received seven new proposals of inclusion to the SPAMI list:

  • France:
    • Marine Park of the Blue Coast
    • Embiez archipelago (Six Fours)
  • Italy:
    • Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo
    • Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara
    • Marine Protected Area of Penisola del Sinis - Isola di Mal di Ventre
  • Lebanon:
    • Tyre Coast Nature Reserve
    • Palm Islands Nature Reserve

The proposals has been deemed conform with the guidelines for the establishment and management of specially protected areas and the common criteria for the choice of protected marine and coastal areas that could be included in the SPAMI List (Annex I of the SPA/BD Protocol), adopted persuant to Article 16 of the protocol, and has been transmitted by the RAC/SPA to the MAP Secretariat who informed the meeting of Contracting Parties to the Barcelona convention held in Paris from 8 to 11 February 2012.

The Contracting Parties have examined these proposals and decided to include the concerned areas to the SPAMI list as mentioned on the decision IG 20/7.