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07/12: Satellite Tracking of two marine turtles in south Lebanon

Field Mission in Lebanon

Over the past decades satellite telemetry has become extremely popular in the study of marine turtle movements and it is often used not only for scientific reasons but has also become a mean of attracting public attention and raising awareness towards the critical status of these charismatic marine reptiles.

With this aim, RAC/SPA organized in collaboration with The Stazione Zoologica «Anton Dohrn» Naple, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve, the Municipality of Tyre and the Ministry of Environment a field mission along the Tyre coastline from 10 to 17 July 2012 in order to implement a long term monitoring programme of marine turtles. During this mission, two satellite transmitters were installed on Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas.

 According to the first results of this mission, the area of Tyre is very important for marine turtles nesting but also for their feeding.

For any further information: lobna.bennakhla@rac-spa.org