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Evaluation of the implementation by the countries

In an attempt to evaluate the degree of implementation of the Action Plan, RAC/SPA sent to all the National Focal Points for Specially Protected Areas a questionnaire to be completed, giving them needed supplementary information.

It is apparent from the answers that most countries have at least introduced legislation protecting turtles. The implementation of measures to reduce incidental catches was the activity in which the countries were apparently more reluctant to embark on. In most cases many challenges were mentioned as preventing them from embarking of such activities.

It is probable also that some mis-interpretation of what this implies has caused a positive reply in some cases on this issue. Through the answers to the questionnaire much useful information has been collected, not only on the degree of implementation of the Action Plan, but also on the problems faced by the countries in implementing its various components. These will be used in understanding and addressing problems during implementation of the Action Plan by RAC/SPA in the future.

Undoubtedly, more information and feedback from the countries will be needed during the next steps, towards understanding the real problems that need to be solved both at the regional and at the national and local levels for effective actions.